What Does a Strata Manager Do?

Updated: May 16, 2021

Strata managers are professionals who are responsible for the administration of bodies

corporate. Depending on the state and territory, they are also called owners corporation

managers, strata managing agents, managers, and agents.

It is their task to ensure buildings and common areas within a strata titled or community titled scheme are properly maintained for the benefit of all lot owners. They follow specific instructions issued by the owners committee.

Strata managers are specialists in their field, possessing the knowledge and skill to

administer the body corporate in accordance with the complex requirements of the

particular state-based legislation. They also work to achieve consensus in decision

making by the lot owners, and to otherwise assist the lot owners by assuming onerous


Their functions are not those of real estate agents or resident managers

Specific Duties

Strata managers are involved in coordinating the affairs of lot owners including

conducting meetings, collecting, and banking levies, arranging property maintenance,

advising on asset management, placing insurance and keeping financial accounts.

Their duties include:

  • set dates for committee meetings, the annual general meeting, extraordinary meetings

  • prepare and distribute notices, agendas, and minutes

  • attend to correspondence

  • organise and co-ordinate repairs and maintenance of common property, including a preventative maintenance program

  • maintaining the body corporate register

  • arrange payment of all invoices

  • prepare and distribute financial statements and budgets

  • prepare and distribute contribution notices

  • attend to orders, submissions and appeals

  • ensure the strata scheme complies with all the Work Health & Safety (WHS) regulations

  • provide advice in handling 'difficult' or complex strata issues

Strata legislation is complex and designed to protect the interests of its lot owners. A strata manager who knows the legislation well can prevent inadvertent errors which can be made by self-managing owners.

(Information from Strata Community Association)

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